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Giving back to the community we serve


In addition to partnerning with The Mikey Network through their Mikey on Board program, Our Franchise Owner & General Manager Brad, has been a supporter of this important charity for a number of years.

We believe in The Mikey Network's mission to place AEDs in public spaces, and feel so strong about it that we carry a defibrillator on each and every one of our trucks. No matter if its on the highway, a local street, community centre, or in a neighbourhood, our crews have the AED units with them and are trained to use them if someone goes into cardiac arrest.



We have been supporters of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada for over a decade. This is a charity very dear to us and welcomes all the external backing we can get. Separate from our donations we partake in an annual event called “Light The Night” which takes place downtown starting at Nathan Philips Square and we walk a route with illuminated lanterns held high. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK © Etobicoke will have a team in the “Light The Night” walk on Thursday October 19, 2017.


Walk The Night

This year we walked in Toronto's the Walk The Night but the event is held in different cities throughout Canada.   Each participant gathers donations to give back to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Of Canada to fund research for a cure for blood cancers. Having lost his father in law, Brad and his family walk with lanterns to light the night to bring attention to this cause. 




Etobicoke Lakeshore Santa Claus Parade

This year's parade took place on December 2, 2017, in the community that holds many of our dear customers. We drove a decorated Two Men and a Truck: Etobicoke moving truck in the parade, while employees, friends and family walked the 1 ½ hour long parade greeting onlookers and handing out candy canes.  We're happy to say that our registration fee to be a part of the parade is given back to the BIA (Business Improvement Association) for Long Branch and Lakeshore Village to support initiatives in our communities. 
It's important to us to go out into the community and do what we can to support those who have supported us since we opened our doors in May 2017!!  Seeing our customers in the crowds who gave a nod, smile or shout out warmed our hearts!!  This was our inaugural parade drive, but not our last. 





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