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Meet Your Ottawa TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Team





LYNE’S MOVING TIP: Prepare by getting the proper boxes and packing supplies. For example, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK boxes are designed to maximize the truck space. Good quality boxes will make your move day faster and more efficient.




Sales and Marketing Manager


Sarah joined our team as Sales and Marketing Manager from an entrepreneurial background. Sarah has several years of customer service and management and sales experience.

SARAH’S MOVING TIP: Purge. There is no point moving items to a new home or office if you don’t even know the last time you used it.



Operations Manager


Holly came to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK with over 10 years of customer service. Holly’s organizational skills and vast knowledge of the transportation industry has been an asset as our Operation’s Manager.

HOLLY’S MOVING TIP: Get organized early to alleviate the moving day stress.





Fleet and Safety Manager 

Cory has shown a great interest in our trucks and has taken on the role of inspecting our vehicles regularly to make sure they meet the required standards. Cory is a great leader on our team and was the head driver for our Toy Mountain partnership. Around Christmas time you are most likely to see Cory sporting his Santa hat and a cheerful smile.

CORY’S MOVING TIP: Please make parking arrangements for the moving truck. A safe parking spot will make your move more efficient.




Customer Service Representative

Jean has been a part of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Ottawa from our very first day. Jean joined our team after retiring from Bell Canada where she spent her career in a variety of roles within the company. Jean has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to moving and she is always happy to share this with you.

JEAN’S MOVING TIP: Make sure all your boxes are sealed up on moving day. Boxes that are closed up are easier to move and can be stacked in the truck.



Customer Service Representative

Leah joined our team following her experience in banking. If you have the pleasure of speaking with Leah over the phone her infectious joyful demeanour will definitely rub off.

LEAH’S MOVING TIP: Keep your hallways and walkways clear to help your moving team efficiently move the large items out.




Professional Driver/Mover

Eric is a strong leader on our team. He is an extremely experienced mover and we have had the pleasure of working with him for over 5 years. Eric is always the first person we like to ask for advise when it comes to moving. Eric also plays an important role in training our new employees and passing on his expertise and skill set.

ERIC’S MOVING TIP: Make moving fun for your kids. Keep a few of their favourite things with you to help them transition into their new home easily.




Professional Driver/Mover

Abdul has been a driver for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Ottawa for over 5 years and it is great to have someone on our team who knows moving inside and out. Abdul is very punctual and his attention to detail makes him an incredible asset on our moving team.

ABDUL’S MOVING TIP: On moving day keep your pets out of the way. We love your furry friends but we don’t want to step on them and increase their moving day stress.




Professional Driver/Mover

Willy is one of our original team members. He continues to be a workhorse on the job. Willy is an extremely efficient mover and approaches every job, big or small, with the same determination. If you catch Willy doing a little dance you know he is having an exceptional day.

WILLY’S MOVING TIP: Pack and label a box of “essential items” that you will need right away. We can pack it on the truck last and have it ready for you right away at your new home.

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