Your Windsor - Sarnia Move Team

The Windsor-Sarnia team is a medley of very passionate, dedicated and customer-oriented team with the mission to move the Windsor- Chatham-Kent, Sarnia and neighbouring communities forward. The professionally trained, insured, bonded and uniformed drivers and movers are ready to meet your home and business moving needs leaving you with a positive customer service experience. 

Our Customer Service Representatives and management are ready to go above and beyond to ensure we live up to our mission statement which is “Our commitment to continuously strive to exceed our customers expectations in value and high standard of satisfaction.” We are committed to live our core purpose which is “To move people forward” and that includes YOU! 

Windsor mover training

The training we give to our movers and drivers is second to none. Using a combination of in person learning sessions and our industry leading "Stickman University®" our staff has a large library of courses to make them better at their job and promote their professional development.

Mike A.
Customer Service Representative & Operations Support

Mike is our ever-dependable, energetic, intelligent and friendly CSR/ Operations Support. He is passionate, enthusiastic, solution-oriented with great customer service skills to move our communities forward. Mike’s “Can Do” attitude and positive energy is a great addition to the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Windsor-Sarnia. He is very detail-oriented, reliable to the core, emphasizing value proposition on every call making it a win-win situation. He is also a great Operations Support who works well with the team of movers and drivers while focusing on professional move execution delivered with exceptional customer service for an overall positive experience. Mike understands the entire value chain from the first phone call to the move execution making him a great asset to the entire team. A graduate of Biomedical Engineering Technology, his core values are INTEGRITY as this is important in all relationships and everyone we interact with. Honesty for Mike is his best policy and he believes that you should treat others the way you want to be treated. His interests are watching soccer and streaming FIFA. He also loves playing sports especially basketball, soccer and jogging. Together we are moving our communities forward!

Professional Driver

Stefan Baraslievski is a professional driver/ mover that brings positive energy and a resilient attitude to the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Windsor-Sarnia team. A hard working and dedicated employee who is passionate about moving people forward. Integrity is his favorite core values. His hobby is working in his vegetable garden and tending to his plants. Stefan is reliable, a team leader and critical thinker with a great customer service attitude who is willing to go above and beyond for the customer on every move. Together Stefan and the team are moving Windsor-Sarnia forward!

Professional Mover

Jakob is a personable team member of the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Windsor-Sarnia moving team. Jakob has good customer service skills and trained to move our customers forward. His favourite core values is inclusion and in his spare time he loves to read. Together Jakob and the team are moving Windsor-Sarnia forward!

Matthew C
Matthew C
Professional Driver

Matthew Colarossi, is a professional driver/ mover and a great addition to the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Windsor-Sarnia team. Ever smiling, calm and team player are attributes that describe his personality. The Grandma Rule® and Be your best and have fun are his favourite core values. Matthew loves to play video games and exploring nature in his spare time. He is a dedicated and dependable worker that inspires the team. Together, Matthew and the team are moving Windsor-Sarnia forward!

Professional windsor mover & driver, Omar
Omar Warner
Professional Driver

Omar is a dedicated and reliable driver with a passion for customer satisfaction. A good team player and a family man, his favourite Core Values are the Grandma Rule® and Care.
Omar is that driver that will go an extra mile to make our customer happy on every move, and is always willing to step in and help. Together, Omar and the entire team are moving the Windsor-Chatham-Sarnia region forward.

Sant Singh, professional windsor mover & driver
Sant Singh
Professional Driver

Sant is a hardworking and customer-oriented individual. He is a happy go-lucky man, who has a way of making our customers feel comfortable, even in the most stressful of times. He pays attention to detail and works well with everyone on the team, making him a great team player. His favourite core value is the Grandma Rule®. When he is not working or studying, he loves to weight lift. Together, Sant and the entire team are moving the Windsor-Chatham-Sarnia region forward.

Mardin Lopez
Mardin Lopez
Professional Mover

Mardin is the ever smiling and dedicated mover. His meticulousness come in handy while moving customers forward. He is very close to his family and particularly likes the The Grandma Rule™ best among the core values. He loves modern technology and having fun while working with the team. Together, Mardin and the team are moving Windsor-Sarnia forward!

Professional Mover

Tobi is a dedicated and committed employee that has exhibited principles consistent with the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® core values from the first day he joined as a professional mover. Integrity is his favorite core value as he believes in always conducting oneself with honesty and fairness. He is a soccer coach and loves playing soccer and working out. He is a team player and brings his best to every move. Together, Tobi and the team are moving Windsor-Sarnia forward!

Professional Mover

Dominic is a dedicated and hardworking mover and a wonderful addition to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Windsor-Sarnia team. Focused, hard working, and dependable youngster; always ready to work! “I don’t Know anyone who would like to be disrespected for what they look like or believe in!” Inclusion is my favorite core value and The Grandma Rule®. He plays soccer and basketball in his spare time. Dom is a breath of fresh air and a great addition to the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Windsor-Sarnia team. Together, Dom and the team are moving Windsor-Sarnia forward!

Professional Mover

Benedi is a fun-loving and dependable mover who enjoys moving people forward. He has loads of positive energy and a great addition to the team. All the core values appeal to Benedi but he especially likes The Grandma Rule™ due to the emphasis on treating everyone like they are your own grandma. A happy go lucky mover who loves playing video games, soccer and basketball in his spare time. Together, Benedi and the team are moving Windsor-Sarnia forward!

Manesh Tai, professional Windsor mover
Mahesh TaI
Professional Mover

Mahesh is a committed and focused individual who wants to help at all times. He is willing to go the extra mile to make all of his customers' moves go easier while on the job. He is a great team player, intelligent and reliable. When he is not studying or working, he watches NASCAR racing. His favourite Core Value is the Grandma Rule®. Together, Mahesh and the entire team are moving the Windsor-Chatham-Sarnia region forward.

Rhoda Udumukwu, Manager and Franchisee, Wndsor-Sarnia
Rhoda Udumukwu
Franchisee & Manager

Rhoda Udumukwu is our Franchisee and Manager and brings about 15 years of corporate experience in the Oil and Gas Industry. With a degree in Health Sciences, her keen interest in business and social sciences nudged her to more diverse academic studies. Rhoda has a post-graduate Diploma in Management, MBA in International Business, Masters in Strategic Public Relations, and advanced French Diplômes.
All the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK© Core Values are principles she lives by, however, Inclusion – to welcome people from all backgrounds in the community and the workplace; Integrity – doing what you say and saying what you mean while conducting yourself with honesty and fairness and Giving back to the community are her favourites.
Rhoda is a fun person with an infectious positive energy and attitude. She loves dancing and engaging in physical activities jogging, walking, swimming and playing volleyball. She is married to an awesome husband and business partner; Nicholas, and they have four amazing children. Together they are moving people forward!

Nicholas Udumukwu, General Manager & Franchisee, Windsor
Nicholas Udumukwu
Franchisee & General Manager

Nicholas Udumukwu is the Franchisee and General Manager. Nicholas comes to the Moving Industry with over 15 years of Corporate Banking experience. A graduate of Economics, an MBA in Banking and Finance and various leadership, business and financial management trainings to his name, he has successfully led and managed teams in various marketing and finance roles.
Nicholas’ best Core Values are Integrity, The Grandma Rule® and Giving Back to the Community. He intends to give back to the Windsor-Chatham-Kent and Sarnia communities and beyond! Nic loves singing, dancing and playing the drums. He also loves outdoor sporting activities such as jogging, brisk walking, volleyball and soccer. He is married to his beautiful and supportive wife and business partner Rhoda. They are blessed with four awesome children and together they are moving people forward!


The TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Core Values and brand is represented by a Truckie; a logo that tells the story of how a vision nurtured with dedication and passion can grow larger than life. Truckie focuses on Moving People Forward® and is truly one of the Movers Who Care®!
Truckie is always willing and available to attend Home Shows, Charitable events, Community events, school events and corporate presentations. Kindly contact Rhoda or Samantha, here at the office for special event appearance, all shows, collaboration and presentation requests. Truckie is a specialist in “Moving People Forward®”.