Consumers' Bill Of Rights

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK's Consumer bill of rights

Our Consumers' Bill of Rights

  • Ability to request a written estimate outlining the scope and cost of your move
  • An assurance that we’ll adhere to that pre-move estimate based on quantities and scope at time of estimate
  • Movers who are bonded, properly trained and adhere to the highest safety standards
  • Franchisees who carry all necessary insurance for your protection
  • Moving equipment that is in safe working order
  • Advance notice of any unreasonable delays in pick-up or arrival of goods
  • Accurate pricing information in advertisements and marketing material

In the event of a move-related issue, please call our 24-hour hotline to speak to a customer service representative: 1-86-MOVING4U

Download a PDF of the Consumers' Bill of Rights