Expedited Long-Distance Movers

Whether you're moving from Halifax to Edmonton, or Toronto to Niagara Falls, our professional move teams will safely transport your belongings to your new home with the same signature customer service we are known for. 

Other long-distance carriers may provide delivery windows ranging from several days to weeks, but with our expedited long-distance moving service, the same professional move team who moves your belongings out of your home will drive those items to your new location and unload them.

This allows a quicker delivery to your new home. Unlike other long-distance carriers who cannot guarantee arrival time, we provide you with a date for arrival at your new location. This provides you the freedom to plan your travel accordingly and assures you that your belongings will be there when you expect and need them.

Out of Province Movers Who Care

Our long-distance services put you first, and we will keep you updated every step of the way. The truck that is transporting your belongings is tracked using GPS, so we know the exact location of your belongings at all times. The best part? Your items are the only ones on the truck! You will not share space with any other customers’ belongings, keeping them secure and safe in route to your new home.