Office Moving Checklist

This checklist will help prepare you for your business move. Please feel free to contact your local TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchise with any questions.

Business Moving checklist: One month before the move

  • Reserve a moving company for your move as soon as you know your business is moving.
  • Visit your local TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchise to purchase moving boxes and necessary packing supplies, or we can deliver them to your office.
  • Start to clean out closets, extra meeting rooms and file cabinets.
  • Host a community sale or donate the unneeded items to charity.
  • Get change of address cards from your local post office.
  • Notify your building owner (if applicable), clients, and vendors of your change of address.
  • This may be a great opportunity to update software, technology, or equipment.

Business Moving checklist: One to two weeks before the move

  • Label moving boxes according to person and/or item. Once the boxes are moved, this will be helpful when reorganizing.
  • Cancel newspapers, security, cleaning help, lawn and/or indoor maintenance and any other services you receive.
  • Devise a floor plan of the cubicles in your office and the new floor layout.

Business Moving checklist: The week of the move

  • Encourage employees to clean out their spaces.
  • Unplug copiers, computers, printers and any other electronic items, as business permits.

Business Moving checklist: The day before the move

  • Conduct a pre-move conference with managers.
  • Let all employees know their roles and responsibilities for the move.
  • Limit employee participation on move day.
  • Unplug any remaining copiers, computers, printers and any other electronic items.

Please remember we are professional movers, not electricians and plumbers. It's possible that other professionals may be needed to make sure your equipment is safely disconnected and reconnected.