Packing Tips

Packing all of your belongings can be overwhelming! This is especially true if you’ve been in your home for a long time. Putting everything you own into boxes is both emotionally taxing and physically difficult.

With the right plan you can make it easier. Our team members have been gathering advice since we packed our first box more than 30 years ago. Here are our best tips to get those boxes packed!

  • Remember: the heavier the item, the smaller the box.
  • Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box.
  • Use wardrobe boxes to make closets easier to pack. Clothes in drawers can be placed in suitcases.
  • Use small boxes for books. They get very heavy very fast.
  • Never use newspaper to wrap fine china or other delicate items. It can stain.
  • Always stack dishes upwards when packing.
  • Pack important and sentimental documents separately to be easily accessible including: children’s health records, passports, family records, insurance information and photo albums.
  • Don’t pack with food or supermarket boxes. You never know what little critter is hiding in there or if the box will be strong enough to support your possessions.
  • Don’t use used boxes. You don't know if the box will be strong enough to support your possessions.
  • Never use duct tape – use packing tape.
  • Clearly label all boxes on top and side.
  • As you take apart furniture and other items make sure to tape all parts to the main base.
  • Try to pack all electronic equipment, like stereos in their original boxes. Otherwise use bubble wrap when packing these items.
  • Start packing items you will not need ahead of time.
  • Always pack and unpack breakables over a padded surface.
  • Always tape boxes. Don’t interlock the tops.
  • Don’t use boxes without tops. No tops make it impossible to stack properly in the truck.
  • Use custom-designed boxes when packing fine china and clothing.